I’D planned to go to the village, pick up a prescription and walk back this morning, but events overtook me and it’s gonna be better to wait ’til later.

After getting the urgent jobs out the way I build up the bike. Once done I tentatively try it. out in front of the house and am amazed that such a heavy bike pedals pretty easy without any power assistance. I get used to the brakes, gear shifting, suspension lock out etc…then engage power. Wow. It’s quite an experience!

Confident I’m in control of the thing, I take it for a spin round the big catch park. I’m so gobsmacked when I get back to the house I turn back round and hit the forest. The immediate uphill track when I leave the road feels like a flat. I’m not dressed for a bike ride, it’s wet, muddy and I’m having a blast shredding round the trail. I’m only away ten minutes or so but am covered in mud when I get back..Margaret’s horrified and wonders. what’s happened. She thought I was only gonna cruise round the car park!

There’s beard combs to go in my online shop, but before I put them on sale I need to grab some photos of them…and also make a little promo video. The resulting video is a bit of a comedy thing, but it’s fun and will hopefully make folks smile…and buy some merch.

Mid-afternoon I have a call with an old college pal who’s behind an online guitar project. We chat like we just spoke yesterday, despite not having seen each other in 30-odd years.

Margaret drops me at the chemist in the village on her way to post a parcel and I walk back. It’s already getting dark when I set off and I’m glad of the head torch I thought to bring,

The order replenishing the out of stock slate coasters arrives five days earlier than I expected. A great relief to be able to fulfil the outstanding. orders and be sure they’ll arrive before Christmas. I’d only just contacted everyone to explain and they were all cool to. wait…so I’ve been able to ‘under promise and over deliver’ 🙂

I get the orders packed up and postage labels. printed for them all to go first class in the morning.