THE new beard combs are in my merch store and have carried across to my Facebook page, so first job today is posting a little fun video I made to promote them.

Orders come in almost instantly and I get them all packed up and ready to go.

Margaret got some wee LED light strings for the front of the house so I brave the rain and climb the ladders to get them up. I put the old set – which is a cold white light that Margaret didn’t like – up along the front of the office in the garden.

After lunch I do a little prep for Monday night’s livestream and make up a set list then Sam comes to sit in the garden for her website training session. the new website I developed and designed for her shop is up and running but she needs to know how to maintain it and manage the online shop.

She has a few more product lines to go in and some other things have cropped up that need put in place so after we’re done, I spend a couple of hours setting up the extra functionality. You can find the website at

It’s after 8pm when I get back to the house and start making tonight’s carnitas. After we’ve eaten we get another batch of Christmas cards written then sit and watch a film, falling asleep on the sofa ’til 4am!