Nice to get a wee feature in the paper trailed on the front page – click the pic to see main story 🙂

I TAKE a batch of Christmas cards to the postbox before breakfast after which I get busy with some more tweaks to the Not Too Shabby online store. Sam’s coming on Sunday for another training sesh.

I’m still at it when Catriona, Will and the kids arrive. We have coffee in the garden then a wee walk.

After making a marinade for the flank steak I’ll grill later I go back to the studio and start gathering some info and graphics for my Facebook stars ‘explainer’ video. I’m not sure folks really know about – or understand – Facebook stars. Fuck, I’m not sure I even understand them myself!

Anyway, I need to do something in advance of Monday’s livestream.

I remember the Stirling Observer ran the last minute news release and pic I sent them about the livestream and create some graphics to hare it round my social media. I don’t think many folks notice – or even read – newspapers much these days, but it’s still good to get press cuttings and show them off, even if it is just for some social proof. Especially if it’s been trailed on the front page 🙂

Suddenly it’s after eight and I get the charcoal lit for the grill…