THE forecast of rain today hasn’t come to fruition and I’m keen to take the new bike for a spin.

I’ve been so busy since it arrived during the week that I only had a quick tryout up the forest track after I built it up…and the weather’s been pretty crap too.

After breakfast I take it on a road – and hill – test. Amazing. I though it’d be good, but not this good. 🙂

Back home I gather my assets to make the Facebook ‘stars’ explainer video and edit something together. Hopefully it does it’s job and doesn’t confuse folks!

Sam comes up for her final website training session in the garden. once done, I go back to the studio, post the ‘stars’ video and start preparing for tomorrow’s (Monday) livestream. We’re in Glasgow all day tomorrow, so don’t want too much of a panic setting up when we get back. I prepare tomorrow night’s dinner to minimise extra work.

Margaret’s on tonight’s dinner – mushroom and spinach stroganoff. We had it for the first time last week and it was great. Even better this time 🙂

We eat then watch Bill’s 40th Sunday night livestream from Florida…bet he didn’t expect to be doing them for so long!