Dirtyfoot makes a guest appearance in my festive livestream…click above to watch the video…

WE’RE off into Glasgow early. I drop Margaret off then head off to get all my Christmas shopping.

Everywhere’s mobbed – I thought staying away from the city centre would be better, but there’s queues outside every shop at The Fort, and it takes me half an hour to get out the car park.

I hit the south side to pick up a big bag of charcoal – can’t risk running short when I’m smoking the turkey – then end up in the city centre to get the stuff I couldn’t find earlier. It’s not as hectic there thankfully.

I pick Margaret up and we drop off some things on the way home.

Luckily it’s not raining and I start pulling stuff out the studio to set up the livestream. Suddenly it’s a few minutes to 8pm and golive. Everything goes well, although it’s pretty cold…my red beard and a guest appearance form Dirtyfoot add to the fun.

By 9.30pm I’m done with the stream, put all the gear and instruments away and get back into the warm house for dinner…