AFTER last night’s “drinking on a non-drinking night” with the livestream as an excuse I end up sleeping in!

Margaret’s away into Glasgow and I need to make a meal plan and shopping list with the stuff we need for Christmas etc. I also need to send thank yous out to all the folks who tipped me during last night’s livestream.

Before I start my Zoom session with a student in. the borders I need to get everything back to the studio. I dumped everything from last night’s livestream in the office.

The Zoom sesión goes well then I get myself sorted out for an afternoon/evening shift in the shop. I haven’t got half the stuff done I wanted to but hey ho….

I arrive at the shop to find that it’s closing at 6pm…and I should have been there half an hour earlier! I did get a notice from the app we use for the rota saying tin had been updated, but I thought it was just someone else’s days that had moved around. Oops!

So I’m home earlier than I expect and get the fire set, wood bright in and attach a rear mudguard to the bike before Margaret rolls up with the shopping. Lots of it.