I’M in the village shop this morning– just for a few hours to help with the deliveries coming in.

Home in time for lunch and I’m starving then I nip along to Betty and Joe’s to see if I can sort Betty’s Sonos. I’m a wee bit tight for time and don’t get very far so arrange to drop by the garden for another look later.

Martyn’s coming up to meet me so we can go for a walk and a catch up. Nice to see him and chat.

Catriona and the kids are in the garden when I get back. I have a coffee with them then hit the studio for songwriting session I’m doing with one of my USA guitar students over Skype.

Next job is delivering some local Christmas cards and then trying to fix Betty;s Sonos. I get too all working except Alexa which doesn’t seem to want to connect properly. Ah well, at least it’s working in some capacity.

We have a chilled night and I make Asian salmon with broccoli and cold soba noodles…