WE have a long lie and late breakfast. It’s bucketing rain, so there’s unlikely to be any walking or cycling today 🙁

Instead, I hit the studio and tackle a few jobs.

First up, I manage to fix the tripod head that got stuck after Monday’s livestream. I’d used an adaptor to hold the iPad we were using and must have over-tightened the adjuster not ehe had to Mae sure it didn’t fall or move mid-livestream. When I went to release it, the lock wheel just clicked and wouldn’t release.

After a bit of messing around, a little brute force I manage to get it working again. not quite as before, but good enough, I think.

There’s some server and shared drive updates and maintenance alerts come up, so I get that done and start organising some archiving that should have been done ages ago.

While the archiving chunters away in the background I get a proper chance to set up the video switcher. The ethernet connection isn’t playing ball but after a bit of experimentation with USB-c I get the thing working and set up the old telly in the live room as a monitor.

Back in the house we have dinner then settle down and watch La La Land – a bit of light fun an a bit (not a lot tho’) better than I expect….