WE’RE not long finished breakfast when Catriona arrives with the kids. We sit in then garden and have a coffee then go for a wee walk.

The weather started out fine, but we don’t get very far before the rain comes on and we about turn and head back home.

We have a cup of soup under the gazebo in the garden then Catriona and kids hit the road and Matty goes out a run. I take a walk up the lochside.

When I get back I cary on the archiving and backing up of computer files in the studio and dismantle an old broken camera to see if I can re-purpose it as a fixed HDMI input source for the video switcher. I get the camera working in a kind of a way but don’t have the right cable to connect it to the switcher, so order one Amazon. Should come by Tuesday.

I’m keen to up my livestream game, but I need to get tomorrow’s (Monday) Tales From the Road livestream out the way so I can spend some time sorting things out without jeopardising an actual livestream/

Matty’s staying tonight as well. After dinner we watch a film then have an early night.