I stop at Gwen’s bench on my way back down for the West Highland Way…

MATTY goes out for a run first thing and I head to the studio.

I need to sort video for tonight’s Tales From the Road livestream and also do some promo for it.

After deciding on a five part vlog form a 2016 USA tour, I edit all the parts together into one to create a single movie. While it’s all processing I take a bike ride up to the West highland Way.

It’s great fun and the motor on the bike certainly helps flatten out the hills. There’s still some decent effort involved but it never feels impossible. The only problem is the cold. My hands are freezing and starting to hurt quite badly. Lesson learned – fingerless gloves don’t help much in the cold.

The video’s all processed when I get back so I take a wander along to Betty and Joe’s garden to try and fix her Sonos. I got it working the other day, but the Alexa functionality wasn’t;t working properly. It takes a while and lot of resetting, uninstalling, re-installing with little success then I notice there’s a few ‘extra’ Alexa skills. I would have expected them to go when I deleted and reinstalled the app, but I guess they must be like to the Alexa account itself. I delete them all and add one each for Apple Music and BBC sounds. it works!

Back home I do some prep for tonight’s mushroom risotto then go back to the studio to set up the livestream.

I immediately hit a problem, the OBS software I use for live-streaming isn’t recognising any of the cameras – I try the proper camera, a webcam, the laptop’s FaceTime camera. I delete them and read them as new assets. No joy. Fuck sake, it’s only five minutes ’til I go live. I check the camera sources and they all work in other software, so it must be something to do with OBS and my recent upgrade of the Mac OS to Big Sur.

With just minutes to go I decide to try using Zoom and pushing it into Facebook live. It’s a bit of a workaround. Thankfully it works and I’m live just a few seconds after 8pm. I have to use screen sharing to play the vlog parts and it’s not perfect, but it works.