After I play Devils’ Left Hand for Bill’s livestream Margaret joins me to say happy New Year to all the viewers 🙂

HOGMANAY! Not planning too busy a day today, but I do hit the studio to try and continue the alternative setup for my live-streaming. Keen to get it sorted in good time for Monday!

It’s Mikey’s birthday today and I decide we should make a wee video for him seeing as we’re unlikely to be seeing him for a while. I quickly work out a bottleneck guitar version and we sing happy birthday to via iPhone video.

We make up a meal plan for the next week or so then Margaret goes off to the supermarket with a fairly conservative shopping list.

I do a little work on some merch ideas then go for some fresh air. The first part of my walk is spent on the phone to Martyn then I lose the signal and my phone battery runs out. It’s kinda weird having a walk and not listening to podcast or music but I actually quite enjoy the silence and emptiness as I make my way home along the lochside.

I’m a virtual guest on our pal Bill’s hogmanay livestream later and there a Facebook message from him…ghe needs some help setting up OBS – the streaming software I also use.

We spend a good half hour on FaceTime and get him set up then I go back to the house and start the red beans and rice (with Tasso ham and Andouille sausage). It’s the best I;ve made!

After eating we open a bottle of red and tune into to Bill’s livestream. it’s fun–- and much better than the usual New Year fare on the telly.