Beautiful New Year’s Day sunshine….

A STUNNING morning to kick off the new year – hopefully it’s a sign of brighter things to come.

I stick the drone up to get some photos and a panoramic video then have breakfast.

We make coffees, fill our thermal mugs and take a walk to Betty and Joe’s where we stand in the garden and wish them a happy new year from afar.

Back home I have a couple of sheets of acrylic (don’t ask!) that to need to cut to size. I measure and mark them and try first with the circular saw. It chews the fuck out of the edge. We try a couple of wee hacksaws, handsaws and eventually the reciprocating saw with a fine blade. they all make a hash of it in one way or another. I guess I should have scored the sheets with a Stanley knife and snapped them. Ah well…

We light the fire and settle down for a quiet evening/night. Margaret’s made steak pie then we watch a film followed by a livestream from some pals in the USA.