CATRIONA, Will and the kids arrive just as we finish breakfast.

We get wrapped up warm and go for a walk through the forest. When we get back we sit in the garden and have some stovies Margret rustled up earlier. I’m not a big stovies fan (I still maintain that they should be like little pies or something – not just potato, onion and corned beef mush!) but a dose of sriracha brings it to life.

I have some more experimenting with cameras and stuff in the studio to make sure tomorrow’s (Monday) episode of Tales From the Road livestream doesn’t;t have any technical difficulties aka clusterfucks.

There’s also some merch orders to be packed up and postage printed. Once that;s don I make sausage pasta and we have dinner.

Final job of the night is to try and sort our BT wifi extender disk which seems to have stopped working. I spend a good hour or two on it before deciding a call to BT tomorrow is gonna have to be endured.