I’M not long finished breakfast when I get a message form the manager of the village shop – hours are being temporarily cut through the current lockdown, so I’m not needed for the time being.

That means my afternoon/early evening is now free, so I plan a trip out to grab some footage for a video I’m putting together for my pal Ted in Nashville. It’s a long song and I need some extra footage to augment the stuff he’s sent over.

I check out the online photographers ephemeris to check where the light’s coming form during the day, sunset times etc and decide to gather my gear and head out in an hour or so. Meantime I deal with some routine admin stuff.

To kill two birds with one stone I walk to the location for my filming and grab some handheld video and some drone stuff then trek over the fields to another location I want to use. I don’t get all the footage I need or want, but this’ll give me start.

I’m away more than three hours, so lunch is rather late then I look at some merch idea – mostly stuff for later in the year if we ever emerge from lockdown.