There’s an eerie layer of mist around the foot of the Conic as I came back from filming in the churchyard.

WE’RE up at a reasonable time as Keiran’s coming. to see why there’s still water coming in five/six weeks after he did the work on our hall/conservatory.

He has a think and then takes some fo the scaffolding he left when he did the job.

It’s a nice morning and I need some more video footage – some stuff form the churchyard this time – and go for a walk with the camera.

When I get back Keiran’s taking away the rest fo the scaffolding an we have a quick chat then I go inside for lunch – Margaret’s made some soup with the carrots and parsnips left over from Christmas.

In the studio I start work on some new recording ideas and deal with some computer-related stuff including updating the graphics tablet drivers so the Wacom works with the latest Mac OS update.

Margaret’s been getting the Christmas tree and decorations down and I remember about the outside lights along the front of the house. I grab the ladders and get them down before it gets too dark.

I wanna get some more footage in the graveyard in the dark, maybe simulating lighting with an LED light so we go down – in the car this time – and I do some quick filming.

After ingesting all today’s footage into the editing system in the studio I go back to the house to make dinner – carnitas – and listen in to the shitstrom that’s happening in Washington. Unbelievable that security has been breached at the Capitol building and the loonies are in danger of taking over the asylum.