That tree again – I get some video footage to use in the music video I’m producing for my pal in Nashville

AFTER breakfast I get to work on the first edit of a music video I’m putting together for my pal in Nashville.

There’s a really moody fog outside and I decide to go out and grab some video footage of the tree at Milarrochy. Maybe it’s just an excuse for a walk, but it works and I get some good rushes to add to the footage for the video.

Margaret’s got some soup on the go when I get back. We eat then I make up a shopping list and meal plan for the next week or so and we head to the supermarket in Balloch.

Back home I spend a few hour on the video edit and make some good progress. Hopefully I’ll get an initial version done by end of play tomorrow (Friday).

A note from Keiran is asking for some help with some online shop-related stuff – once I’ve got back too him I go back to the house, crack open my first beer since Saturday and make beef in black bean sauce…