AFTER a lazy start to the day I hit the studio and get on with the music video edit.

I take a break to make some gyoza for lunch and mince some lamb for tonight’s lahmacun the return to the video editing.

There’s a fair amount of work in putting together a six-and-a-half music video and I’m glad I shot a load of footage to augment what was sent to me….I pretty much need all the useable footage I have.

Typically, I get so engrossed that I don’t think about taking another break or going for a walk – plus, I’m keen to get this first edit finished and sent off today.

I finish up around 7pm, send the video file off then go back to the house and make the dough for the lahmacun. It needs to rest for an hour to see before I knock it back and roll it out for the bases.

It’s after 9pm when we settle down to eat and watch the Joe Bonamassa film/doc Guitar Man – I’d never been much of a fan, but greatly warmed to the guy, his music and his sentiment after watching this.