I’d almost forgotten about filming this episode of Scot Squad that aired during the week…

I GET a bit of work done and capture a clip of my appearance on BBC’s Scot Squad during the week – then we jump in the car to go to Catriona’s.

Our plan is for me to wait in the car while Margret gets Freya and Aaron from Catriona and we take them for a walk to give Catriona break for a while.

We take them to the park and pay in the snow then got for a walk round the ponds before dropping them back home and hitting the road ourselves.

My pal in Nashville has got back about the video . they live it but have a couple of wee changes – one of which is swapping out a clip in the middle that they sent me by accident!

I sort the video, fire it off and go back tot he house to get the grill lit and cook tonight’s Vietnamese beef….