Click above to watch episode five in my Tales From the Road livestream series

I GET some merch packed up, postage printed and dropped at the post-box before breakfast. There’s also some stock updates needing done on my website.

Margaret’s working on getting Manchester and Newcastle shows re-scheduled – for about the fourth time – and I prepare for an online guitar lesson with one of myself students.

Once my online session is done I start preparing video clips for tonight’s Tales From the Road livestream and then create some graphics to promote it round social media.

Eventually I get out for a walk, but it’s getting dark so I only wander round the forest for half an hour or so.

Back in the studio I set up everything for the livestream. Every week I try and up my game a little – this week I concentrate on the sound and audio sync.

The livestream goes well then I go back to the house for Margaret’s mushroom stroganoff… 🙂