WITH severe weather alerts and potential tightening of lockdown rules I decide I should head into Glasgow for some shopping.

I also need to make a ducted vent in the office so order a dryer vent kit, hole saw and various other bits and bobs from Screwfix to pick up when I’m in town.

Luckily the weather isn’t too bad and I manage to get round Costco, Tesco, See Woo, Screwfix and B&M (birdfood!) and back home in time for lunch.

After my takomaki lunch I put all the shopping away and prepare the meat form Costco. First up, the flank steak is weighed and portioned into freezer bags. I hold back a smaller piece, slice it thinly and make a marinade so it’ll be ready to make jerky tomorrow (Thursday).

The chicken thighs are next then I tackle a big hunk of pork shoulder. I cut off a couple of portions for carnitas then cut up the rest putting the lean cubes in one bowl and keeping the other stuff aside for a batch of Andouille sausage.

The day, having been taken up with mostly domestic tasks, is nearly done when I head to the studio to set up some photos. Having been agency-less for the last couple of years, my recent appearance on Scot Squad has me hankering to do more of the same. My pal Martyn turned me onto an agency Beautiful Bearded Bastards and I signed up with them the other day. The need photos and stuff, so I get busy with that before heading back to the house to make some Asian salmon and cold soba noodles…