I take a couple selfies with a guitar while I’m in the studio…

AFTER breakfast I get the routine emails and socials out the way then head for the studio to take some additional photos for Beautiful Bearded Bastards.

I use a CaseAir gizmo that lets me take selfies – while I’m at it I take a few with a guitar too. Just for the hell of it.

After lunch I tackle the venting project in the office. The hole saw and arbor are, I think, a little heavy for my budget drill but I take it slow and manage to get a nice neat hole through the wall without hitting any batons or cables. More by luck than design!

Fixing the duct, vent and stuff is a bit fiddly, but I manage then go online to order a step up adaptor so the duct will fit the outlet inside.

By 5pm I haven’t been for a walk. It’s dark so I grab the head torch and go for a walk through the forest and startle a few deer that aren’t used to humans being around after dark!

I’m considering setting up a Facebook group for my free livestreams – folks would have to (a) join my mail list and (b) ‘like’ my pal to join it. I actually already set up the group and try a test livestream into the group. It works, but it’s coming from my personal profile t=rather than my page so I can’t get Facebook stars.

No time to try and solve it now – it’s already late and tonight’s bo kho takes a good hour or more to make!