A little bleak over the loch at Rowardennan, but a great ride 🙂

WE sleep in. Really late, so breakfast is more like brunch and I have a bit of a mad scramble to catch up on the morning’s routine tasks and admin stuff.

It’s not quite as cold as it’s been the last few days and the roads don’t look icy. I’ve been itching to get out for a bike ride and this looks like the day for it.

My trip to Rowardennan and back is fantastic and I enjoy the scenery like never before. I don’t like driving the C6 road but it’s a different story on the bike – especially with some electric assistance to help flatten out the (considerable) hills along the way and very few cars around.

When I get home Margaret’s made a quiche and we have a late lunch then I get to work finishing the venting job in the office. Quite pleased with my handiwork!

The village shop has no brioche buns for tonight’s burgers…I decide to try my hand at making them. The dough is tricky as it’s pretty sticky and it needs to rest and rise for two to three hours. While it’s sitting there, I make the burgers, then get on with some work. I’ve got the laptop in the house where it’s nice and cosy and I work away ’til the battery runs low, by which time I need to get the charcoal lit for the grill.

In between times the brioche dough has doubles in size as per the recipe and I’ve made it into ‘buns’ and left to rise again for another hour or so.

The buns look great, but are a bit heavy and dense though, thankfully, not as bad as at the sesame burger buns I attempted a while back.