AFTER managing to get up at a reasonable time I get some work done in the studio before Martyn and wee Oran come up to go for a walk.

We take a walk up the lochside and I drop some pork, chorizo and butter bean casserole off for Betty and Joe.

At nearly a year old, Oran’s getting bigger and heavier for Martyn’s backpack contraption so we stop for a seat at Milarrochy before carry on a little further.

I’m not long home when Catriona snd the kids roll up and sit in the garden. Margaret’s made them mac’n’cheese – I’m not keen so cook up a burger left over from the other night and have it with one of my home-made brioche buns.

Back in the studio I do some admin work and prepare to go a but more public with my new Dave Arcari’s Wildcats Facebook group this will be the home for future free livestreams and a forum where I can interact Smith folks on my mail list in a more personal way than regular Facebook posts and streams.

I need some more graphic material to augment the cartoon group cover which features a cartoon by my pal Rob in the Netherlands and spend some time working on a wildcat illustration. I get about half done before it’s time to go back to the house and make dinner…

Then we watch Bill’s weekly Sunday livestream – the last from Dundee before he and Dorothy head back to Florida.