Takes me a while to create the ‘wildcat’ art and design to go around the caricature…join the group here

UP early and into the office to try and get the decks cleared before my Zoom session with a guitar student.

I manage to get knot of the admin done and the basic artwork for my new Facebook group – Dave Arcari’s Wildcats. Keen to have it in shape in advance of tonight’s livestream as future free content will all be in the private group. To join the group, folks must be on my email list and I wanna let them know tonight!

After the guitar session I create art to promote this evening’s Tales From the Road livestream around social media and put together the video content – this episode (six) features my October/November 2015 USA tour.

The rain’s off, so I postpone lunch and go a bike ride – not far, just a quick 10k. Fun tho’ 🙂

After lunch I get back into the studio and do some more prep for the livestream and other bits and bobs off work.

The evening’s livestream goes well. Dinner’s ready when I’m done then I deal with some online orders and a load of Facebook group membership approvals.