UP AT 7am to get the car into Glasgow in time for the garage opening…MoT day today.

I get there a few minutes after they open and leave the car. The mechanic says he’ll get it done ASAP and call em when it’s ready. It’ll be a while, though, and it’s not like I can go anywhere for a coffee and do some work…most places are shut because of Covid lockdown and only takeaway places with an outside serving hatch are open 🙁

Ah well, at least it’s not raining…and I’m well-wrapped up to keep out the cold.

My first idea is to walk the mile or so up the road to the big Tesco – the cafe’s shut, of course, but at least it’s warm and I can amuse myself for half an hour wandering round the aisles!

I offset my hunger with a ‘reduced’ chicken and avocado sandwich, but on. leaving the store and eating the sandwich I realise I should have gone for a piss. Back in I go!

Rather than walk back down the road I go up to the canal towpath and follow it all the way into the city centre. Never been along before and I quite enjoy the walk with occasional breaks to put my bag down on a wet bench and check emails.

A good four-and-a-half hours later I haven’t heard form the garage so I head back. Not ready! They need another hour-and-a-half. Fuck. I’m tired, hungry, cold and scared to have a takeaway coffee from anywhere in case I start to need a shit. I can cope with a sneaky outdoor piss, but a shit is out of the question. Especially in town.

The Philly chippy on Great Western Road is open and taking orders shouted in from the pavement. Five minutes later I’m sitting Mona. wall b y the river Kelvin devouring a smoked sausage supper. Healthy? Not! Probably undoing any benefits of the 14 or 15 kilometres I’ve walked…

I pick up the car, pay the bill then pick up some shopping at Tesco and Costco. Final stop is Ikea to pick up a couple of drawer/storage units ordered for click’n’collect.

When I get home we unpack the car and I have a nap on the couch in front of the fire before dinner.

It’s nearly 10pm when I head out to the office to investigate what’s entailed in building up the drawer units I give it a go…and get them both built in an hour or so. Just the job…