The tree…again!

ONCE the routine admin stuff’s done I pay some attention to my new Facebook group, Dave Arcari’s Wildcats.

There’s quite a few folks getting on board and the time is right to notify my email list folks. Also, I can spread the word about my upcoming livestream for Homesong on its Facebook page at 8pm (UK time) on Friday.

Having built the storage/drawer units in the office last night I start trying to bring some order to the chaos then go bike ride before making gyoza for lunch. Avoiding alcohol for four days a week and spending some of the savings on the e-bike has been a great decision. I’m enjoying the bike, fresh air and extra exercise a zillion times more than all the beer and wine 🙂

I finish my interim eNewsletter – I normally only send once out a month – but the aforementioned group and livestreams need to get out there.

A walk up the lochside before dark completes today’s exercise schedule and I take a few snaps of my favourite tree as the sun sets.

Martyn and I were chatting about bank stuff and accounts when we met for a walk on Sunday and it started me thinking about ways to streamine my own accounts.

I’m with RBS and had noticed they provide free access to a service called FreeAgent. Having not touched my accounts since the start of the financial year (6 April) I decide to investigate. The time is right as there’s not exactly been a lot of financial activity the last year!

My investigation leads me down a three hour rabbit hole as I check out and test all the features. So far so good. I’ll do more tomorrow – meantime, I need to go back to the house and cook the dinner!