I enjoy a bike ride along part of the West Highland Way…

AFTER spending a little more time digging about in FreeAgent and trying to decide if I want to completely change my accounting system and records we make a video for a pal’s birthday surprise.

We eventually get it right, then I find the video is unusable as the phone, on a wee mini tripod on the table, was bouncing as I stamped my foot along with the guitar! We end up going outside where there’s no dodgy floorboards and re-doing the whole thing.

I do a little work in the studio and catch up on all the social media stuff then make some arancini balls with the mushroom risotto left over from the other night. The air fryer excels making these decadent morsels 🙂

After another stab at clearing out one of the filing cabinets in the office my desire for fresh air gets the better of me and I head out on the bike. My hour-long, 20k ride takes me along the West Highland Way and a mostly off-road route through via the village. A lovely afternoon, but it’s still buddy cold – there’s still some icy and snowy bits on this elevated section of the West Highland Way – and daylight’s fading as I make for home.

I mince some lamb for tonight’s lahmacun and make the dough – I often forget that the dough needs to rest and rise. Not tonight! Mincing the lamb shoulder ourselves makes a for a much leaner end product – shop-bought lamb mince is usually 20% fat – this is portably less than 10%. We discovered this by accident last time I made lgahmacun – the supermarket didn’t have any lamb mince so I bought some shoulder and mixed it at home.

The resulting lahmacun (a Turkish spiced lamb pizza-like flatbread) was fantastic…still full of flavour but not greasy in any way and the best I’ve made, so we resolved never to buy lamb mince again.

While the dough’s resting I start work on a wee project to make a soft box for a USB led light on a gooseneck Margaret wants to use with her webcam. The light itself is pretty good for it’s size (and price!) but’s a small light source, quite bright and is a bit harsh…if I can rustle up a mini soft box it might just do the trick.

Of course, I get engrossed and it’s getting late when I lock the office door and go back to the house. The lahmacun’s the best yet tho’… 🙂