My livestream for Homesong goes well – click above or see it here

IN the shower I start thinking about tonight’s livestream for Homesong and how best to set up/manage the audio.

I’ve struggled routing audio properly through the computer and into other apps – especially Streamyard – and although I got hold of an app called LoopBack to try and solve it a while back I’ve never got to the bottom of it. I’m determined to sort that today.

After a few hours of experimentation in the studio I finally get things working the way I believe they should! A lot of the previous Homesong sessions from other artists have suffered from poor sound and I’m keen to try and overcome the problems they’ve faced. We’ll see if it works in practice!

Once lunch is out the way I put together a short set list and run through the songs and get on with some more technical preparations for the livestream.

There’s a fair amount of emails and other admin to catch up on and I speak to a potential student about scheduling some online guitar sessions. We’re gonna kick things off next week 🙂

By now it’s getting dark and I wanna get a walk. I hit the forest and do a couple of livestreams to my page, profile and group to let folks know about tonight’s Homesong session.

Back home I marinade a bit of flank steak so It’ll be ready for the grill after the livestream, peel and cut some sweet potato ready for the air fryer and prepare a chimney-full of charcoal and the grill.

I get everything up and running in the studio in ten for a 7.30pm pre-stream chat with the organiser on Streamyard and then at 8pm I go live. The prep pays off and the sound and picture, I think are pretty good. Add in some good traction and feedback and I’m happy 🙂