I finally get round to scheduling this masterclass – more info here

I GET decent start to the day before going to meet my pal Martyn for a walk taking in a local bit of the West Highland Way. It’s cold and misty, but beautiful.

We chat and wander for a good couple of hours then I get home in time for lunch.

I’ve been making a wee soft box for Margaret’s USB computer light. The small LED is too small a light source and too bright so I’ve fashioned a mini soft box using some thin plywood as a frame, short lengths of heavy gauge stainless wire, black plastic sheeting, tinfoil and tracing paper. The end result is pretty cool and will greatly improve the look of her webcam in online meetings.

The laptop’s in the house and I settle down to plan a slide guitar masterclass on Zoom. I’ve talked about this before and it’s now time to do something about it. I decide on 7pm next Saturday (30 January) so create some graphics, Eventbrite ticketing and set the thing up. I’m keeping capacity pretty low so folks get a decent level of attention – if I can get a handful of sign ups I’ll be happy.

Margaret’s on dinner duties and has it ready just in time for us to tune into our pal Bill’s weekly Sunday night livestream from Florida.