I take the bike for a quick jaunt up the lochside…

BURNS’ night tonight gives me a cue to plan a couple of live Burns poems that I’ve put to music in tonight’s Tales From the Road livestream – the first episode to be exclusively streamed in my private Facebook group.

After the first of two online guitar sessions of the day I get busy with promoting the livestream…and the fact that it’s moving to the group.

I make some lemon pepper fried chicken for lunch. The recipe is really for wings, but I have some chicken thighs which I season up and stick in the air fryer. Works a treat 🙂

It’s a nice afternoon and having got some more work out the way – and guzzled chicken for lunch – I take the bike for a quick tide up the lochside, getting back home in time to chop some wood for the fire then run my second online session of the day. Normally a guitar-related session, this week my Texas-based student and I focus on song arrangement and home recording/production stuff.

Then it’s time to sort all the pre-recorded video clips for tonight’s livestream. I edit the tour vlogs into a couple of short pieces then re-set the studio for the livestream before taking a quick walk through the forest. it’s dark now, but I need a bit more fresh air!

The livestream into the group goes fine. Not quite as many viewers or traction as the ‘public’ streams but, I suspect, a much more engaged audience.