This is the setup I use to run my online guitar lessons and masterclasses

MY new Facebook group Dave Arcari’s Wildcats is growing…and there’s a wee bit more admin to this than I expected, but it’s all good.

There’s also some online merch orders in and some requests for info on both online guitar lessons and Saturday’s slide guitar masterclass. Hopefully I can turn some of these into participants.

Betty drops off Joe’s laptop to see if I can get it working – she goes off for a walk and I get to work. When she comes back we sit in the garden and I make a little progress, but the thing really needs a software update, so she leaves it with me.

I manage to get the update downloaded and installed, but after the required restart it doesn’t…it goes off but doesn’t come back on – and refuses to do so no matter what I do 🙁

I’ll investigate later. Meantime, I make up a shopping list and meal plan and Margaret goes off into Glasgow to pick up the shopping. I have an online guitar lesson to run…

The wee soft box I made for Margaret needs a few mods to keep the light source in the correct position and make the while thing a bit more robust. I just a wee piece of plywood, slot it on and it works a treat. Just some cosmetic details to sort now 🙂

It’s back to work on admin for a while then I start the green curry. While it’s bubbling away I zest a bunch of lemons for my lemon pepper seasoning. I plan too try it out on some fried chicken for lunch tomorrow. The zest gets combined with crushed peppercorns and dried in the oven at allow temperature while we eat.

While I’m waiting for the zest/pepper mixture to finish in the oven I make a big batch of breakfast patties with pork and turkey mince, sage and seasoning. That should do us for a couple of months!