Not such great weather for a bike ride today…but it doesn’t affect the fun level 🙂

TOP of today’s to-do list is to make a promo video for Saturday’s Zoom slide guitar masterclass. Tickets are going, but I need ’em to go faster!

After the morning’s admin duties are out the way I hit the studio and film some stuff. Before I start editing, though, I go back to the house to see if I can breathe life into Joe’s lifeless laptop.

No joy., so back to the studio with a coffee to go through the footage I shot earlier. Amongst the desk clutter I find a mic adaptor for the Osmo Pocket I used to shoot the video…aaargh, I’d forgotten I even had it and not woulda been good to have another mic in addition to the lab mic I used with an external recorder. Nevermind, the footage – and sound – is perfectly adequate.

While it’s all ingesting into the computer I decide to top a bike ride before lu inch. it’s a bit damp and grey, but there’s a forest track I want to explore!

I have a grand time despite the rain getting heavier and get home in time to make lunch…albeit a little later than usual. The air fried chicken sandwiches are epic – perfectly set off with the buttery coating featuring some fo the lemon pepper seasoning I made last night.

Back in the studio I edit the masterclass promo video into three different formats to post round social media…then get busy!

Darkness falls as I go out for a wee walk and do a livestream…and when I get home I fall asleep on the couch in front of the fire. I’m woken with the phone ringing and realise I’ve been sound asleep for an hour. I need to get on making dinner – Asian salmon, steamed broccoli and cold soba noodles.

After dinner I tinker with Joe’s laptop and finally manage to gets some signs of live. But every time I think we’re getting somewhere the thing freezes.

In between re-sets and alternative strategies I manage the admin on the new Facebook group which is growing nicely. It’s well after midnight when the latest operating system install is underway on Joe’s laptop…but I console myself with the fact that my efforts in promoting the slide masterclass are paying off. Just two spaces left!