Tonight’s tteotbokki is the best I;ve made…

UH-OH…we sleep in big time. Too late in bed (again) and a dram too many!

Before hitting the studio I try and get Joe’s laptop back too life. Miraculously I manage to get it to start up in ‘recovery’ mode and attempt to restore it form an old backup. The screen says it’ll take more than 11 hours so I leave it churning away and go to the studio. The restore might hang partway through but it’s not doing any harm.

It’s Betty’s birthday today – we wanna try and make it a bit special so we’ve bought some snacks and wine – Margaret’s making some wee pavlovas and will take it all along later with a wee gift and set up their TV for a special ‘virtual party’ via Zoom.

Betty’s requested a bunch of songs for me to play…amongst them is Loch Lomond – a song I recorded for the Nobody’s Fool album nearly ten years ago…I’m not that keen on it and only ever attempted to play it live once and made an arse of it. I try and re-learn it – or at least part of it – for tonight.

Because breakfast was late, we have a mid-afternoon snack then I go a walk through the forest.

In the evening Margaret delivers Betty’s birthday stuff and I remotely set up a Zoom meeting which Margaret manages to get casted to the big telly via Betty’s iPad..then she comes home, joins me on the couch and the ‘party’ starts.

It all works remarkably well and hopefully gives Betty (and Joe) something different. We have a nice hour of virtual drinks, chat and songs then I tidy up and make dinner. Tteotbokki tonight 🙂