Lovely morning for a walk up behind the native woodland centre…

UP EARLY and ready to meet Martyn and go for a walk in the sunshine. It’s a cold’n’crisp sunny day. perfect.

We go to the native woodland centre and take a walk up the hill. it’s quite a hike but great to get some fresh air and a blether. He’s brought me one of his old GoPro cameras – a ‘seven’ – to try out in the studio.

I’m not long back when Matty goes out for a run at Ben Lomond. I get busy setting up a livestream concert for Monday 22 February so I can announce it in my eNewsletter – the next task on my list.

I haven’t done a ticketed full concert livestream since October and decide to try Facebook’s own ticketed platform. Hopefully it’ll be up to the same standard as my usual Eventbrite/Zoom combination.

I create some graphics, a survey to allow ticket buyers to select the songs they’d like me to play and create the event on Facebook then get on with my eNewsletter.

I get it all written and designed and prepped to go out automatically at 8.45am tomorrow (Monday).

Back in the house Margaret’s got dinner ready. After we eat Matty leaves and we watch Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida.