A LOT of stuff to get out the way before an online session with one of my guitar students…and the studio needs re-set after Saturday’s slide guitar masterclass open Zoom.

Glad I got up early and a good start on the day so there’s no mad shambles to get things ready 🙂

After the guitar session I start gathering the files for this evening’s Tales From the Road livestream then create the usual graphics to use on social media posts to promote the stream. These posts also double as a way of getting folks to join my Facebook group and sign up to my mail list.

Back in the studio after lunch I record some wee guitar bits to go with some vocals I already recorded for a wee project I’ve been asked to contribute to. I get the stems and files sorted and send them off.

My pal Tom in the USA has asked for some help with his website and the Facebook ‘pixel’ so I have a dig about with that and then try and sift out the big unnecessary files on my own server to free up some space.

There’s not much time left for a walk, but I get a quick jaunt round the forest before setting up and prepping for the Tales From the Road livestream.

Margaret’s got dinner ready when I finish the livestream then we both sit and do a little more work…