A pretty dreich morning for a walk, but best get some fresh air before the weather gets any worse!

THERE’S some merch orders to be packed and sent overseas. Once they’re all packed I print postage and customs labels and put them aside to post later on.

After I get the routine stuff out the way I decide to combine a walk up the lochside with my trip to post the merch it’s pretty horrible outside, but if I’m gonna get a walk, now is the time – the forecast is for it to get worse.

I fire up a podcast and head out, doing a couple of livestreams from the lochside before making my way home

The ribs I defrosted and put a rub on earlier go in the instant pot with some water, cider vinegar and a dash of liquid smoke. Ribs are normally a five or six hour smoking session, but I’m keen to see what happens if I cook them in the Instant Pot…apparently only takes half-an-hour! And they’re not meant to be a quick BBQ solution – I’m using them to make rib sandwiches for lunch.

While the ribs are ‘cooking’ I make some BBQ sauce, out some onions on to caramelise, fry a couple of strips of bacon and prepare a baguette. When I open the Instant Pot the ribs certainly look/feel cooked – pretty soft and almost falling off the bone. they do look a bit peelly wally tho’! I frock them with BBQ sauce and stick them under a hot grill.

Once done I debone the ribs and assemble the sandwiches – rib meat, BBQ sauce, caramelised onion and a strip of bacon. The result is surprisingly good – weirdly tho’, I m not sure the bacon really added anything.

I have some work to do in the office then head to the studio. There’s a load of production ideas I have going round in my head and I need to figure out how to use some of the software and samples on the computer to make some demos.

My pal Tom in Wisconsin is needing help with the Facebook pixel – he’s put his marketing guy in touch with me but really the remaining. stuff needed to sort it all out is at his end of things!

Margaret has a community-led Zoom meeting in the evening. While she’s on there I prepare some veggie pasta, we eat then relax for a while before bed.