AFTER sleeping in a bit I start preparing egg bites – not just for this morning’s breakfast, but four batches, which should last a good three weeks or more!

I take a bit of pork loin out the freezer to defrost and make a big batch of ‘Memphis dust’ rub while waiting for one of the batches of egg bites to cool down.

In the studio I do some research and experimentation with cameras and the streaming software I use. Past livestreams have been at a lower frame rate that I’d like and it’s only now I’m getting a handle on how to sort it out.

It’s really, really wet out there so I stay in the studio ’til lunch time then make some fried chicken sandwiches – healthy-style in the air fryer – with lemon pepper butter. It’s definitely the star of my air fryer chicken lunches so far!

We experiment with a coupe of merch creation ideas int he office then I go back to the studio to work on some art for Moore creative ideas.

Margaret’s got a meeting later so I make veggie pasta a little earlier than usual, although it’s still after 8pm by thew time we eat!