Messing with the GoPro in the studio and I take an accidental selfie!

I HAVE a bit of rush to get up, showered and breakfast before this morning’s Musicians’ Union (MU) meeting – via Zoom rather than our usual ‘in person’ meetings at HQ in London. It’s been nearly a year since the last one like that!

By lunchtime the meeting’s done and we’ve discussed a load of issues facing live performers, most notably the PRS licensing of livestreams and the implications of Brexit on touring in Europe…well, once, we can at least play live shows.

After lunch I work on some merch designs in the office and Catriona arrives with the kids to go for a walk with Margaret. I stay out the way so we don’t breach lockdown conditions and shout my hellos and cheerios from the office door a good 20 metres away.

Meantime, I get the smoker fired up and a bacon-wrapped pork loin on for tonight’s dinner.

There’s a wee bit planning to do for my livestream performances as part of our online community Burns Supper tomorrow (Saturday) and some other camera stuff to sort out in the studio. A more capable micro SD card has arrived form Amazon to use in the GoPro7 Martyn’s lent me – it wasn’t functioning properly with an old, slow card I’d been trying it with.

The new card has resolved all the issues, so I can give the thing a proper whirl now.

It’s a bit grim outside but I go out for a walk through the forest before it gets too dark. When I get back the pork’s ready and comes off the smoker and into a ‘faux cambro’ to rest and stay warm until it’s time for dinner.