I turn the house into a makeshift studio for the virtual community Burns Supper….

A BIT grey outside, but no ice and it’s fairly dry so I decide to go a bike ride after breakfast.

I give my new spec a whirl and they stay clear – no fogging up, which is what prompted me to get them. I have a good ride for an hour or so and film the entire ride with a GoPro mounted on my skid lid.

When I get back I give the bike it’s first proper clean then set about cleaning and de-greasing the chain, drying it and lubbing. It’s a hard job working oil the drivetrain with the bike ion the ground – and aside from being awkward, my back is killing me when I’m done. I go into Amazon and order a work stand!

After lunch I get a bunch of work done in the studio. I’ve decided to release the version of Cherry WIne I recorded a month or two ago as ‘Dave Arcari & the Faultlines’ but need to create some artwork before I can send it out tot he services via my digital aggregator. I get busy with some art ideas.

There’s time for a quick walk then I grab a load of gear from the studio and set up for my participation in this evening’s virtual community Burns Supper on Zoom.

I set up two cameras a switch so we have our ‘participants’ angle on one and my ‘performers’ angle on the other.Between cameras, lights and sound there’s the usual last minute technical meltdowns to sort out but we get sorted just in time…and Margaret serves up our haggis, neeps and tatties. We have a great evening 🙂