I MEET Martyn and Oran for a walk and we have a good wander for a couple of hours chatting, commenting and putting the world – mostly the creative one – to rights.

When I get home Margaret’s made a broccoli and smoked bacon quiche-like thing. Perfect. I’m starving!!

There’s a few wee flurries of snow, but nothing bad enough to stop me taking all the gear form last night’s Zoom session back to the studio. Getting everything back in situ and connected up takes an age but having stripped some stuff back I find a few better ways to connect stuff up.

Next job is more server archiving and backups – a job that’s been ongoing for the last few weeks and only getting attention when I had the odd wee window of time. I get it largely up to date. Just the current work to be ‘filed’ and set up so we can access and work on from anywhere, on any device.

A quick trup[ back tot eh house for coffee and I get a bit of flank steak marinaded for the grill and some tatties peeled, cut into chips and in a bowl of water to soak.

The initially flurry of tickets for my next livestream show (22 February) has slowed down, so it’s time to make a we promo video to post round social media which I’ll then turn into an ad.

I get something filmed and do a first edit then realise it’s nearly 8pm. I take the laptop back to the house so I can do some work later fire up the grill outside and have dinner ready just in time for our pal Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida.

Later on I do some more video editing at the dining table until the battery in the laptop dies…and I head to bed.