I finally sort the promo videos for the upcoming livestream show on Monday 22 February…

UP EARLY as there’s a bit of resetting gear in the studio for this morning’s Zoom session with one of my guitar students.

For some reason the livestream concert promo videos I made yesterday have no sound…and one of them is in a weird format. I process them again and same thing happens. odd. Never mind, maybe just a ghost in the machine. I find an alternative way and get them posted.

After lunch I have a look at the hall/conservatory roof which has been leaking since Keiran did some other repairs. It’s freezing cold, but dry and I spend an hour or two on the roof freezing my ass off and realising that the solution I’d hoped to put in place is gonna be a lot more complicated and involved than I first thought. Surprise!

I gather some video footage for tonight’s Tales From the Road and edit into sections to drop into the livestream.

Once again it’s late when I get out for a quick walk and do a couple of livestreams to promote tonight’s Tales From the Road livestream into my private Dave Arcari’s Wildcats group.

When I get back into the studio I sort gathering all the metadata to set up a proper release for a new arrangement of Cherry Wine…coming mid-March!!

Suddenly it’s time to set up the livestream and go live. I chat, I introduce two chunks of 2014 USA tour vlog and play a couple of live songs. All goes fairly well – I managed to crack the poor frame rate problem with OBS by staying away form studio mode. That makes switching scenes and cueing up additional video difficult – I got round that by setting up hotkeys to trigger the scene changes…all went well until I realise the batteries in the keyboard decided to run out halfway through the livestream causing a bit of a hiccup. Hope the Elgato stream deck I’m waiting on will help out there.