AFTER breakfast we make up a meal plan and shopping list and Margaret goes off to Balloch – the nearest supermarket – to pick up the weeks shopping.

I’m keen to get more ‘work’ use out my iPad and reproach a few tips that I think will add to my day-to-day workflow. I;ve not really been utilising it to the full – generally just ben using it as an internet browser, e-reader and in sidecar mode as an extra laptop display.

Now that we have a decent server – and iPad OS has an improved ‘files’ app – I think I can make much m ore use of the device.

There’s some promo to do on the upcoming Facebook livestream before Margaret come back with the shopping and we have lunch.

Mid-afternoon I have a one-off slide masterclass session on Zoom with a student in New York.

The clear sky and light layer of snow combined with a slightly later sunset give me time for a decent walk

After dinner I work on setting up the release of a new arrangement of Cherry Wine – the single will come out on Friday 19 March. There’s a fair bit of work between sorting the metadata for the aggregator (digital distributor) and all the necessary PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) registrations etc.

I’m gonna keep the release pretty quiet until the pre-save details are available – no point in spreading the word if folks can’t pre-order!