The drone’s somewhere in that water… :-(

THERE’S a wee bit more snow and blue skies, so after breakfast I take the drone to the lochside to grab some archive footage and images.

The drone’s not too far away – or too high – but I can’t see it against the backdrop of the island then everything goes to shit. No mater what I do, the drone seems to get further away. There’s no wind, so it’s not having to fight it’s way back…and it’s not high up anyway. It starts to lose height uncontrollably and then….nopthing. All connection’s lost and the thing I gone forever somewhere in the bay.

I try in vain to re-establish a connection. Make it bleep or flash. Anything. No joy.

To make matters worse, my phone memory is full so there’s no proxy video to show what happened…and no flight log to check. it’s like the flight never happened.

I rush home and get a scope to scour the frozen areas of the bay in case it’s downed on Ince instead of water but there’s no sign of it 🙁

Sad and unhappy I go back home and try and get on with some other work.

After lunch I go a walk to try and cheer up. The views are beautiful and m are me think of the fantastic footage I lost along with the drone. In rebellion, I go home, grab the camera and tripod and vow to get a good panorama of the snow-capped majesty of Ben Lomond further up the lochside.

I got up hill, along the water’s edge and realise that I’m not going to get the vantage points I got used to with the drone. Nonetheless, I get some photos and go back home.

Not a great day.