Quite a view as I leave the village and start walking back home…

AFTER breakfast we head up the lochside to film a wee video clip for someone putting together a short film to celebrate a mutual pal’s achievement. Can’t say anything else ‘cos I suspect they read this blog and I don’t; wanna give the game away!

Suffice to say it’s a lovely day but bluddy freezing on the lochside.

Once done, Margaret drives me to the village to post out some merch and pick up a prescription from the chemist. I take the opportunity for a nice walk home in the sunshine and snow.

After lunch – lemon pepper fried chicken in brioche buns – I edit the video we shot this morning and send it off.

There’s a few merch ideas/prototypes – not just for my music, but some other projects I have in mind – to be worked on in the office and the rest of the day seems to disappear in a flash.