Delighted to welcome this wee visitor to the garden 🙂

WE’RE watching the birds while we have breakfast and are surprised when a red squirrel shows up. Not only have we not seen them for ages, but I thought they hibernated over winter.

A little research and I find that they don’t hibernate as such, the just become a little less active over winter. Margaret’s so taken with the visitor she goes online to find a squirrel feeder…

I’m doing some work in the studio when Catriona and the kids arrive and go for a walk with Margaret. When they come back, Margaret’s in the house changing Aaron’s nappy – that means I can go outside to the garden and sit with Catriona and Freya for a while and play some guitar for Freya before they head off home.

I put a rub on some pork ribs I defrosted earlier, make some taco dough and a bowl of red cabbage slaw. Gonna do the ribs in the instant pot and make rib meat tacos for dinner.

A wee remote control panel I ordered for the computer arrives. It’ll make switching scenes etc on livestreams much simpler and more reliable and I’m keen to see if I can also use it to do things like toggle reverb off and on in my audio software.

The thing works right out the box – and the software is pretty flexible and easy to use. It also looks like more advanced stuff – like toggling the reverb – might be possible.

It’s gonna take a bit of work and learning. I go for a walk up the lochside to think the potential process through, stopping on the way back to set up a new Tile bluetooth tracker for Betty and Joe.

When I get home I have a workflow in mind and start messing on the computer to create said automated workflow and save it as a standalone app that can be triggered via the remote.

After a few failed attempts I finally figure out how to do it and…it works!

I’ve been dipping my toe into Clubhouse – a new audio-based social media/networking app. It’s pretty exciting – I join a room and listen in while making dinner and drinking beer.