I’M up early – a lot earlier than usual – for a Zoom guitar session with a student in Australia.

The session goes very well then I go back to the house for a second breakfast.

There’s a few things needing done outside. The smoker needs cleaned out and the two part-bags of wood under the BBQ/pit shelter need stacked in the woodshed. The bags have been sitting there for weeks and I have a certain self satisfaction once they – and some other random bits of wood lying around – are all tidied away.

After lunch I spend some time in the studio programming and setting up some livestream hardware then I decide to do an impromptu livestream to my Facebook page to promote the Wildcats’ group, the upcoming livestream concert and showcase the guitar I’m trying to sell.

Most of my performance and ‘content’ livestreams are now in the Wildcats group to stop spammers, but I don’t want to alienate those who, for whatever reason, haven’t joined the group so after a false start I get a stream going, play a few songs and chat with folks. I also set up a ‘Sunday social’ for tomorrow on Zoom and push the link out to members of the Wildcats group.

Right after my livestream I get a private message from someone in Estonia interested in buying the guitar. We exchange a few messages then it goes a bit quiet. Hopefully we’ll pick up on it tomorrow.

I’ve been listening to some Clubhouse stuff and realise I need to revisit my profile image and bio, so spend a wee while updating things so they are in keeping with Clubhouse etiquette.

Dinner is mushroom risotto then we chill and watch a Polish film dubbed into English, Squared Love. It’s kinda confusing at the start but turns into a great watch. Then we fall asleep on the sofa and wake up at 3.30am with cricks in our neck!