VALENTINE’S Day…we have a coffee in bed and exchange cards. We generally don’t bother with gifts, but Margret has squeezed a cool pair of cycling gloves into the envelope with my card 🙂

I’m just finishing breakfast when Martyn pulls up and waits outside for me to get my roots on and go for a walk.

When we get back Martyn hits the road and Catriona and the kids arrive for some lunch in the garden then they go a walk with Margaret and I get some work done in the studio.

Mid-afternoon I have a Zoom call with a fan in Estonia who’s keen on buying there National guitar I have for sale. He wants to see it a bit closer and hear it. I’m worried he’s gonna have cold feet, but it looks like we have a deal.

I go back to the house and grab a coffee then open up my ‘Sunday social’ meeting on Zoom which is open to anyone in my Facebook Wildcats group. We have a good chat for an hour or so then I get busy with some more work.

Margaret’s on cooking duties tonight and we’re having steak as a special Valentine’s treat. It’s lovely, then we watch Bill’s livestream form Florida followed by a Johnny Cash documentary then bed.