My Homesong livestream went well – no technical hitches for once! Click the pic to watch…

THE sale of my old National Style O has been concluded, so I need to find the best way of shipping internationally.

Some of the quotes are good…until it comes to insuring them. I’m sure that’s how the cut-price brokers etc make their money. Nothing short of a scam.

I go direct to UPS, arrange collection and print all the paperwork. hopefully it’ll get picked up tomorrow (Wednesday).

With the UPS pickup scheduled, it’s probably best I do a shopping trip today so we make up a meal plan and list and I head off into Glasgow.

Costco, Tesco then home. A little bit later than usual for lunch – Margaret’s had hers so I stick the remaining arancini balls in the air fryer while I put all the shopping away.

I have a short livestream set for Homesong this evening and had forgotten all about it. I make up a wee setlist, run through the songs then head out for a walk up the lochside.

Back in the studio I set things up for the Homesong stream and get back to the house just in time for the start of a Zoom meeting with some local folks about a community pan/idea. I have to bale after half an hour to do the livestream, but Margaret stays on board.

The livestream goes good then it’s back to the house to pack the guitar ready for UPS pickup while Margaret makes dinner.