An email from UPS says the guitar is already en route to Estonia. It’s not, it’s still waiting to be picked up. It also says there’s been a delay because of a missing commercial invoice.

I completed and submitted the commercial invoice when I booked and paid for the shipping online yesterday. There was no option to print it out with the shipping labels and receipts, so I assumed it was in the system and would be attached by the driver.

To make sure, I call UPS and wait a good 40-minutes for a rep who says the tracking message is ‘a glitch’ and directs me to a blank commercial invoice to be completed and printed out in triplicate for the driver who, I am assured, will be here before 7pm.

I manage to get out for a walk late afternoon leaving a rather reluctant Margaret in charge of the guitar should UPS come to pick up while I’m out.

By 7pm UPS haven’t been to pick up the guitar – or been in touch. Grrr… All this fanning about has scuppered my plans etc for the day and taken an inordinate amount of time.

I make some tteotbokki then do help Margaret with some stuff for the local community trust…