MARGARET’S off early to look after the kids…and my first job is to try and find out why UPS dint pick up the guitar yesterday.

A 40-minute wait in a queue and I finally get to speak to someone who sends an urgent message out to make sure there’s a pickup before 7pm today. She can’t give me a time and other than continued apologies there’s nothing much else I can expect 🙁

Looks like today’s gonna have to be spent near the house and any recording impossible for fear of a driver rocking up at a crucial moment.

I busy myself doing a load of stuff for the community trust and suddenly it’s time for an interview with the Milwaukee Record for the My First Band podcast. We’re online for an-hour-and-a-half then I go back tot he house and prepare some Vietnamese beef for grilling tomorrow (Friday) night.

Bt 7.15pm there’s been no pickup…and no notification that a driver’s not coming. I call UPS again – the lines are open ’til 8pm – but am guided through some automated systems and pickup arranged for ‘before 5pm’ tomorrow (Friday). Of course the automated service can’t answer questions about the why’s and wherefore’s of this clusterfuck, let alone compensation…